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What is PWMS Lite?

PWMS Lite is an integrated contract preparation system that is used by Consulting Engineers to prepare tender forms for various Municipalities. It's a subset of the Public Works Management System (PWMS) that is used by many municipalities. This means that you no longer need to use Microsoft Word and/or Excel to develop you contracts. No more redundancy when it comes to keying item descriptions, quantities or specifications. You don't have to create a new Excel spreadsheet for estimating with complicated formula cells. No need to copy and paste the details onto the worksheet. All of your information is automatically transferred over to an estimate module where PWMS Lite user can estimate the contract.

Download PWMS Lite

PWMS Lite Software and 1 Year Technical Support
(Download File Size: 23 MB)  

A form of tender can be created electronically and/or in printed form from the estimate module within PWMS Lite.

Once the contract is prepared using PWMS Lite it can easily be exported and saved to any media type. Just deliver your exported contract to the contract owner and they will import it into the PWMS system to generate the bid package. No need to worry about any compatibility issues.

A history of all contracts that you have created is available for you to use as reference.

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