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OGCA Endorses Biddingo's Efforts to Redefine Construction Bidding
General contractors will now be able to broadcast 'eInvitations' to subcontractors and receive quotes online using a service touted as the 'eBay' of Construction

Toronto, Ontario, March 30, 2011Biddingo.com announced today that it has gained a marketing endorsement from the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) to jointly promote Biddingo’s Construction Marketplace (BCM) to its members and throughout the construction industry. Biddingo has been offering bid publishing and bid matching services to public sector organizations (PSOs) since 1993, and is now extending its online bidding knowledge and expertise to the construction industry.

General contractors (GCs) often find it challenging to quickly locate qualified and competitive subcontractors (subs) to maximize their chances of winning contracts, while subs struggle to pinpoint GCs that are bidding on specific projects. BCM, an online service that is set to redefine construction bid solicitation just like “eBay” redefined garage sales, is a much awaited solution to this demand-supply disconnect that obstructs market efficiency.

“BCM is an online matchmaking service for GCs and subs”, says Daryl Chong, General Manager of Biddingo.com. “It allows GCs to instantly locate subs from BCM’s Subcontractor Directory and broadcast ‘Subcontractor Calls’ with the click of a button. Subs, on the other hand, can register on the directory to be found by GCs, locate GCs bidding on projects, and submit their quotes to GCs online”, he adds. “This process innovation helps GCs avoid bid closing day rush by slashing their bid preparation time, and helps subs by opening up previously inaccessible business opportunities to them.”

Clive Thurston, President of the OGCA remarks, “We stand behind Biddingo’s efforts in making this concept a reality. BCM has great potential to aid us in accomplishing our mission to offer our members the best technologies and methods with which to do business, and our objective to promote tendering solutions and best practices to GCs and subs.” He adds that “We strongly encourage our members and other contractors to take advantage of BCM. The OGCA Symposium theme this year is ‘Embracing Change’, and BCM exemplifies the kind of change we need to embrace as an industry.”

Biddingo.com is officially launching BCM during the upcoming OGCA Construction Symposium from March 31st to April 2nd, 2011 at the Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, Ontario. Event attendees will have an opportunity to visit Biddingo at Booth A6 for a live demonstration of BCM. Biddingo recently provided OGCA members with a series of webinars aimed at educating GCs to make the best use of BCM functionalities. Similar webinars will be provided in the coming months for all GCs and subs.


About OGCA
Founded in 1939 by a group of eleven general contracting firms, the OGCA has developed into the largest representative association in the construction industry. With 217 members and alliances with other Provincial Associations, the OGCA is instrumental in lobbying all levels of government on behalf of the construction industry. OGCA members have daily access to trendsetting, leading-edge information vital to their business success. They receive timely updates on changes to government rules and regulations, the introduction of new tools and training for site safety, and trends in best practices.

About Biddingo.com
Biddingo’s fully capable electronic tendering service redefines the partnerships between public sector purchasers and suppliers. Suppliers can access a broader range of bid opportunities and PSOs can extend their supplier reach. More than 1,000 Provincial, Crown, Municipal, Academic, School Board, Healthcare, Housing, and Construction organizations have selected Biddingo as their preferred solution to solicit bids from suppliers. More than 80,000 suppliers rely on Biddingo’s bid matching services to stay abreast of bid opportunities. BCM is the latest addition to Biddingo’s repertoire of products aimed at serving purchasers and suppliers in these areas (visit www.Biddingo.com/construction for further details).

For more information about Biddingo, please visit www.Biddingo.com or contact Customer Care via:
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Email: info@biddingo.com

For more information about OGCA, please visit www.ogca.ca or contact its office via:
Telephone: (905) 671-3969
Fax: (905) 671-8212

For more information about this press release please contact Sourabh Dhawan, Marketing Manager at Biddingo.com via email at sdhawan@biddingo.com.

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