Doing business with the Burlington Public Library

The Burlington Public Library uses's ePurchasing platform to:

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  • Distribute Electronic Documents
  • Document Purchases/Order Taking Online
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  • Issue Amendments
  • Award Contracts

About the Burlington Public Library
Library services in Burlington can be traced to January 1872, when the trustees of SS No. 1 Nelson voted to spend $56 to purchase a suitable supply of books from the Toronto Board of Education. This collection was placed in the reception hallway of the old Central Public School on Brant Street. Members who paid fifty cents a year were able to access the collection for one hour on Friday afternoons. Over the next years additional items were purchased with funds raised through the membership fees, proceeds from concerts and social events as well as occasional grants from the school trustees. The Burlington Public Library is now a tax-supported, registered charitable organization with six branches citywide.


Currently, there are no bids open for bidding. However, you should click the Historical Bids tab to view a list of the closed bids.