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The 2017 version of the software provides solutions to accelerate the procurement process.

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, OCTOBER 23, 2017Biddingo previewed the launch of the 25th year anniversary version of their procurement solution at NIGP 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah this past August, and is now announcing the official release.

Biddingo began its path towards digital solutions well ahead of the institutional modernization that has become commonplace over the last decade. 25 years ago, Jay Yoon, the President and CEO of Biddingo, was determined to reinvent the procurement process by building a secure, technological bridge between internal and external teams.

In this version of the software, Biddingo has identified the need to address the impact of procurement process planning within purchasing. One of the biggest challenges in procurement today is getting projects completed on-time, and Biddingo is looking to tackle that very issue head-on. According to Jay Yoon, "Fragmented systems that do not prioritize data sharing and collaboration are what set projects up to fail." Biddingo has since added a number of features to their existing platform, and now provide free support to procurement administrators across the United States. Their aim is to help implement best practices as well as streamline planning, accountability, and information sharing across different departments within an organization so that projects can get started on-time and remain on schedule.

Solutions include:

...and more.

25 years later, Yoon is proud to say "We created solutions that help procurement departments to collaborate with clients on specifications development and document creation, evaluation, and contract management. Also, by providing online features that allow vendors to respond electronically, we essentially eradicated the need for paper. By automating routine processes and enabling templates, we've revolutionized RFX authoring and created a more streamlined and consistent experience for users and vendors alike." Biddingo's commitment to easing pain within the procurement process is consistent with their dedication to providing top notch service to North America's largest procurement teams. If you or your team would like a demo of their newest features, or would like support with procurement planning for your organization, email your specific request to solutions@biddingo.com.

About Biddingo
Biddingo.com is a leading electronic procurement solutions provider in the U.S. and Canada that specializes in bid solicitation management, eBidding, online evaluation, and contract lifecycle management. More than 1,000 Municipal, Academic, School Board, Health Care, Housing, and Construction, organizations have selected Biddingo.com as their preferred solution to connect with suppliers. Over 100,000 small, medium and large sized enterprises rely on Biddingo.com to locate bid opportunities from these buyers.

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Download Press Release ( 42 KB)