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School Boards Save Time with Biddingo's Vendor Management Tools

The Challenge

The York Region District School Board (YRDSB) and York Catholic District School Boards (YCDSB) needed something much more efficient and effective for their vendor registration process. To manage their vendors, the school boards used a manual system to file "bidder application forms" by commodity and service codes. The vendor management process started to require additional resources, time, effort and money.

"The (previous) system was too cumbersome and time consuming to keep up to date", said Dave Woodall, C.P.P.O.,C.P.P.B., Manager of Purchasing Services, York Region District School Board.

"....yearly expenditures and
resources were reduced by

The Solution

The two school boards partnered with Biddingo.com for its enhanced vendor management solutions. Biddingo created a customized online Vendor Registration site for YRDSB and YCDSB at Biddingo.com. The purchasing departments of both school boards consulted with Biddingo to customize their Vendor Application Forms with unique categories to better suit the buying needs of the school boards. They found the previous NIGP codes were too complicated for school board suppliers to understand how to properly register their businesses.

The online Vendor Registration feature also enables the school boards to invite suppliers to bid on projects directly, using an online invitation process. Plus, any supplier interested in bidding on school board projects can register online or update their information at anytime.

Biddingo.com FEATURE
Vendor Management • Suppliers create and update their own information

• Biddingo.com handles annual list updates via e-mail

• Supplier contact information is at the finger tips of buyers

• Suppliers register under easy to understand categories

• Buyers can invite suppliers to respond to RFI's, RFP's RFQ's using Biddingo’s e-sourcing features
• Eliminates need for staff to maintain lists

• Eliminates time spent searching for suppliers

• Easily search suppliers by commodity code, category or by alphabetical name

• Eliminates need for the school board to email suppliers for quotations or smaller purchases

The Results

With Biddingo, the original problem of ensuring supplier information was kept current, has been solved. The Vendor Management tool is easy to access, for both the school boards and suppliers. Also with YRDSB and YCDSB sharing an amalgamated listing of suppliers interested in doing business with them, buyers from both organizations can share vendor information.

By transitioning the supplier registration and management to Biddingo.com, YRDSB's and YCDSB's yearly expenditures and resources were reduced by 20%. This resulted in less time spent by procurement staff on updating directories and speaking with suppliers.

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