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About the Del Management Solutions Inc.
The DMS Group is a property services company focused on the provision of specialized offerings to both private sector and public sector property owners across Ontario. DMS is a privately held company owned by Rob Watt, Paul Smith and the Tridel Corporation, one of Canada's leading real estate developers. DMS has over 50 offices across Ontario, spanning 8 municipalities managing over 250 employees. DMS manages a wide variety of property types including multi-residential, retail, industrial and office as well as raw land. Servicing over 100 different clients, over 14,000 units, 15 million square feet and 50,000 acres of land with over 300 staff from our four operating companies (Del Management Solutions, Delcom Management, DMS Property Management and DMS Residence Services Ltd.), DMS boasts an excellent reputation built on a determination to provide innovative, high quality service.


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