Doing business with the Thorold Public Library

The Thorold Public Library uses's ePurchasing platform to:

  • Advertisements/Bid Scope
  • Distribute Electronic Documents
  • Display Document Takers

About the Thorold Public Library
Thorold Public Library was established as a “free” lending library in 1895. Starting out with a collection of only 4,000 print materials, the library’s holdings have increased to include more than 89,000 items. The number of registered patrons has grown from 58 to more than 11,000. A century ago, only books and magazines were available for borrowing; today the library circulates not only print but also DVDs, CDs, and Video Games. In addition, the library serves as a vital community portal for access to electronic information and global communication.


Currently, there are no bids open for bidding. However, you should click the Historical Bids tab to view a list of the closed bids.