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About the Kingston Community Health Centres
Kingston Community Health Centres (“KCHC”) is a multi-service, multi-site Community Health Centre (“CHC”) with an operating budget of $25,748,593 for fiscal year 2018-19. Since 2006, the Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program (“OHRDP”) has been administered through KCHC. With a budget of $9,719,544 in fiscal year 2018-19, OHRDP coordinates the distribution of evidenced-based harm reduction supplies to 37 core needle syringe programs across the Province of Ontario to help prevent the transmission of infections like, HCV and HIV and to reduce other health risks associated with drug use. As of January 2019, there were 155 towns/cities in Ontario where an individual can obtain free harm reduction supplies through over 400 access points. These harm reduction supplies are also tools which enable frontline workers from harm reduction services to engage with people who use drugs and to build trusting relationships which can lead individuals into accessing other health and social services.


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