Supply and Delivery of Flowers for Gardens and Bridge Boxes
Bid #: 2022-TOB-RFQ-004
Closing Date: (Closing in 0 days)
Short Description: Supply and Delivery of Flowers for Gardens and Bridge Boxes
About the Town of Bracebridge: The Town of Bracebridge is a bustling community of approximately 16,000 permanentresidents that has experienced unprecedented expansion over the past decade (doublethe provincial average). Located just two hours north of Toronto, in the Heart of Muskoka,Bracebridge is considered the cultural, political, and economic hub of the region. With itsstrong entrepreneurial foundation, the community benefits from an extensivetransportation network that includes the nearby Muskoka Airport, rail, buses and easyhighway access. Changes in the local and global economies mean that Bracebridge┬┐smanufacturing sector is now surpassed by strong construction, hospitality, tourism andprofessional sectors. Emerging sectors include geo-tech and green technology,educational services, healthcare and the arts.
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