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Utilities Kingston

Request for Proposal for Professional Engineering Services for Third Avenue Water Booster Station Upgrades in Kingston, Ontario


Closing Date: 05/30/2019 03:00:00 PM ET


Request For Proposal No. UK-19-06
Professional Engineering Services for Third Avenue Water Booster Station Upgrades
Utilities Kingston respects the value of professional services and seeks to ensure that assignments are awarded to proponents who share and enhance our corporate values.  Through a Qualifications Based Selection process Utilities Kingston retains highly qualified firms whose work plan and financial proposal provide the highest value for rate payers.
Utilities Kingston is seeking an engineering firm to provide guidance in preparing a proposal for the preliminary and detailed design for upgrades to the Third Avenue Water Reservoir Booster Station.
Although the Third Avenue Reservoir and Booster station do not require an increase in either the storage volume or pumping capacity, age and condition are driving a facility upgrade. Construction phasing will be reviewed as part of this assignment in order to adhere to capital budgets and planning horizons. The project is being driven primarily by operational concerns as the electrical, mechanical, structural, and architectural components are due for life cycle replacement or refurbishment. This assignment generally includes the following components:
Preliminary and detailed design elements including electrical, mechanical, architectural, structural, instrumentation and control;

  • Cost estimating; and
  • Energy related reporting
Five printed copies of the Technical Proposal, one unlocked electronic pdf copy of the Technical Proposal body with key personnel curriculum vitae and one printed copy of the Financial Proposal with payment milestones in a separate sealed envelope must be received before:
3:00:00 p.m. Thursday May 30, 2019
and addressed to:
Jeff Whitaker
Manager, Purchasing and Stores
Utilities Kingston
85 Lappan’s Lane
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 4X7 
An optional site visit is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. local time on May 9, 2019 at the Third Avenue Reservoir, 141 Third Avenue, Kingston, Ontario.